Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"An oblong city, between two rivers, with streets like deep...

"A spy camera video exploration of Brooklyn's designated bike lanes, a conceptual video which addresses the inefficiency of a car-centric city structure, while presenting a whimsical view of a life in constant transit."

This piece was created by my friend Meghan Ciupka-Whiteford; a Brookln-based public artist dealing with environmental and transportation issues. The video's pedal-fixed perspective results in minimalist view of cycling in the city. While initially disorienting, the video's "oblong" and repetitious structure soon acclimates the viewer to the textural and aural subtleties of bicycling through the Redhook neighborhood of Brooklyn. A rythym of pulsing traffic sounds filtered through an ungulating pattern of view is broken only by variations in artist's speed and tactful coasting techniques. The near micro-level examination of travel demonstrates the artist's travails as she dodges traffic, jumps curbs, and takes refuge along sidewalks. The video provides a stylistically fresh and conceptual relevant take on the sensoral and at time dangerous qualities of cyling in a city.

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