Monday, September 28, 2009


Don't really know much about writing. But I figured I'd post something I was inspired to write down while taking notes on Trialectics of Spatiality and maybe get some feedback?

Simultaneous worlds/pernicious metropolises
Born without knowing into U N I V E R S E cities/raised by misunderstandings about space and time 
as well as w/health and happiness. 

Labyrinthian cataclysms reek havoc 250 THOUsand years and counting. 
Screams and songs ring muffled in air occasionally achieving awesome harmony. 
Confusion has a heavenly horizon...
for those who look up
every witch way and every  where.


Flying out of this World said...

Wow, beautiful. That was from your notes? Keep on going...

jwallace said...

Born without knowing
into U N I V E R S E cities

I love this line