Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Also, if you haven't heard the CIA is recruiting tomorrow at Gateway at 1 and I think thats some bull shit.  So we're protesting! Come out and enjoy some good ol' fashion picketing. 

"In spite of the official suspension of police assistance between 1974 and 1985, CIA and other U.S . officials worked with Salvadoran security forces throughout the restricted period to centralize and modernize surveillance, to continue training, and to fund key players in the death squad network.
Even though the U.S. government's police training program had been thoroughly discredited, the Reagan administration found other channels through which to reinstate police assistance for El Salvador and Honduras. Attached to this assistance is the requirement that the president certify that aid recipients do not engage in torture, political persecution, or assassination. Even so, certain members of Congress showed concern over the reinstatement of police aid to repressive regimes. In a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Senator Claiborne Pell (Dem.-Rhode Island) asked, "I was talking about cattle prods specifically. Would they be included or not?"' more here

One of many many many reasons Hugo Chaves may have given Obama this book...

"Oh just like domestic politics or different regime issues... you know like coup de tats and dictator installment type things."

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Flying out of this World said...

The CIA is actually recruiting outside the Gateway. Are you serious?