Wednesday, October 29, 2008

inspiring youtube videos

one legged salsa dancer:

really great, maybe fast forward through the first minute and a half:

a man dances with a trash can in baltimore:

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Flying out of this World said...

You can embed YouTube videos (so that people don't have to copy and paste the link into their browser) by clicking on the YouTube option for "embed" which automatically copies the link...then paste it into to blog page.

This is best because it creates a still image from the video on the blog that people can directly click on to access the video.

Another thing to be aware of, is you can create hotlinks to any website (including YouTube) by clicking on the "chainlink" icon on the blog and copying and pasting the URL.

Take some time this week to investigate how the blog's so incredibly user friendly...even people like me who didn't grow up with the internet can figure it out within a few minutes!

If you need additional help, there are some options...go to the blog spot FAQ's (frequently asked questions) or make an appointment with any of the digital tecs, or with me. Or ask a classmate.

It's easy and user friendly!