Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lynchian Space and Time

Here's a link to an electronic essay on space & time in postmodern, nonlinear cinema, as in the film we saw tonight, LOST HIGHWAY, by David Lynch: "The Image-Interface": New Forms of Narrative Visualization, Space and Time in Postmodern Cinema / Chiara Armentano The essay is from the e-journal, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture. The part on Lynchian Space begins with paragraph 23, however the entire essay is worth reading.

Those who are interested in reading Lynch's actual screenplay, you can read it here: LOST HIGHWAY - THE SCREENPLAY.

And here is the City Of Absurdity's Lost Highway archive: CITY OF ABSURDITYwhich includes essays, storyboard, location notes, soundtrack info, and a whole lot more.

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