Sunday, November 2, 2008

After brownie talk we came up with this lovely little sentence after we looked up the definition to meander
"To each his own winding course: said of a stream"

Then after ferocious discussion of your quotes etc. we came up with this paragraph:

When you begin to explore the process of A to B, destination is erased entirely. You are immersed in the possibilities of vastness where all the unknowns are inviting you to participate in full. It is an energy that swells through, each with an intention uniquely significant and a cause specifically irrelevant. By limiting place, and expanding space we create a realm for our minds to roam that is limited only by the extent of our curiosity.

Also, Scotty made a lovely poem that we thought would make lovely wall text:

My place will be described as a space with no walls
Only a ceiling and a floor
I can go wherever I want
But the ceiling keeps my grounded to the floor

We thought options were the best route, so I hope that suites the rest of you
Silence is not the answer, feedback is go


Flying out of this World said...

The lovely little sentence would make a nice wall text, maybe in italic vinyl lettering, in some unlikely place like high up on a wall...just an idea.

Flying out of this World said...

The paragraph sounds good!

Did you want to relate this to specific works, or to historical precidents? (It's not necessary, but it will help the reader connect the statement with something tangible.)

Flying out of this World said...

Scotty's poem would look nice, running from high up on the wall, and extending onto the linoleum floor towards the front of the gallery, maybe?