Monday, November 10, 2008

Google Earth Street With a View

by artists Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley

This brings street theater to a whole new paradigm. Google needs to start advertising when they are doing their panoramic street scans so we can think of more fun stuff to help represent our respective neighborhoods.

I especially appreciate their decision to act out urban scenes that would not be totally out of the ordinary, had they not all taken place on one day along a small back alley. Such subtleties truly helps blur their fiction into convincing half-truths.



Most of this post was lovingly borrowed from Ceci Moss's post on Rhizome. THANKS!


Zack said...

i saw this on rhizome the other day also and have been thinking about it ever since...such an innovative idea

i wonder if/how we could contact the baltimore google street team and arrange something like this here, maybe as a collaborative final performance for this class?

Graham Coreil-Allen said...

Yeah, it looks like they have already scanned 80% of Baltimore. I wonder if they have a schedule of re-scanning cities?

Netherzone said...

Brilliant project!

It is kind of freaky, tho when you see the house you live in on Google. Panopticon Paranoia I guess...
These artists take back some of that power with their project by working with the panopicon, rather than simply being intimidated by it.

It would make so much sense to use this for one of your crosswalk projects, Graham.